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Three takes on the UK elections

May 9th, 2015

Before the exit poll results were known, commentators expected a close call and predicted that a Tory victory would be unfavourable for Hungarian job seekers in Britain.
On Index, Gergely Tóth thinks that if David Cameron remains Prime Minister, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán will continue to find in him an occasional ally, in conflicts with the majority in the European Council.

On 444, András Király believes Labour was the only soothing option for emigrant Hungarians, as the only leading party which would limit the immigration of people from non-EU countries only. The others showed no inclination to respect the free movement of individuals within the European Union, he writes.

In Új Szó, a Hungarian daily published in Bratislava, Botond Feledy believes the Tories are less hawkish in deeds than in words, but some limitations seem unavoidable. He regrets that in British political discourse there is an unfortunate confusion between genuine refugees, European job seekers and illegal immigrants.

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