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Should Hungary prepare for jihadist terror?

May 5th, 2015

Népszabadság urges a widespread information campaign and special training programs for security personnel, as Hungary commits 150 soldiers to the international effort in support of Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State in Northern Iraq.

In its front page editorial on Monday, Népszabadság criticises the low key attitude of the Ministry of the Interior in connection with Hungary’s role in the international coalition in Iraqi Kurdistan (See BudaPost, March 30). Hungarian soldiers will serve as security guards and escorts attached to the teams of international advisors to be sent to Irbil to train Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. Népszabadság demands that special security precautions be taken in Hungary as a result. The daily disagrees with the approach of the Ministry of the Interior which fears that too many precautions would cause panic among the population. Népszabadság argues that a country sending troops against ISIS should find it only too natural to train the security staff of railway stations and shopping malls as well as to prepare the population for possible terror attacks.

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