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PM slammed by Juncker  

May 27th, 2015

A pro-government commentator deems European Commission chairman Jean-Claude Juncker completely unfit for the job, after he jokingly called Hungary’s Prime Minister ’Dictator’ last week and slapped him on the back of the neck with his left hand while shaking his hand with the right.

In Napi Gazdaság, László Néző says he would not entrust Mr Juncker with the leadership of a scout platoon, let alone the European Union. He thinks his mere election was a shame, considering the fact that he had to resign as Prime Minister of Luxembourg in the wake of a bribery and secret service scandal, and after governing a country which was a tax haven depriving other European states of huge tax revenues. Mr Orbán was not the first victim of his rude gestures, Néző remarks, as Mr Juncker once grabbed the neck of Spain’s finance minister, while on another occasion he tapped Austria’s Chancellor on the head with a pack of files. Néző quotes rumours which suggest that Mr Juncker has an alcohol problem, which the Commission Chairman denies. The commentator praises Mr Orbán, who walked on after the stunning offence as if nothing had happened, but hopes the Prime Minister will find a way to pay it back – though not in kind.

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