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Left-wing pundit criticizes Ferenc Gyurcsány

May 1st, 2015

A columnist in the leading left-wing daily lambasts Ferenc Gyurcsány’s uncritical pro-US rhetoric and his support for Hungarian participation in the anti-ISIS coalition.

The Left can no longer hope that the US will help them to defeat Fidesz, Gyula Hegyi comments in Népszabadság on the vote on Hungary’s involvement in the anti-ISIS coalition (see BudaPost March 20) which was approved with the help of Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition and other liberal MPs. The left-wing columnist accuses former PM Gyurcsány of uncritical support of the US and vilification of Russia. Hegyi believes that Gyurcsány and other liberals hoped that the US would help them in their efforts to weaken PM Orbán’s rule. But Washington has no qualms in cooperating with less than democratic regimes if US geopolitical interests require this, Hegyi remarks. He goes on to note that despite his harsh rhetoric, PM Orbán has always complied with the NATO and EU in terms of foreign policy, and so the US sees him as an ally. In conclusion, Hegyi welcomes the MSZP’s decision to vote against Hungarian participation in the anti-ISIS coalition and abandoning uncritical US support.

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