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Gyurcsány’s Brussels assignment

May 6th, 2015

A right-wing analyst finds it ‘nauseating’ that the European Commission should have chosen former PM Ferenc Gyucsány’s company to review the implementation of EU development programs in the member countries for the current seven-year period (2014-2020).

In Magyar Nemzet, Tamás Fricz believes the European Commission cannot possibly expect Mr Gyurcsány, an opposition leader, to give an impartial assessment of the handling of European development funds by the Hungarian government and therefore the assignment given to his Altus company amounts to direct political interference. On the other hand he criticises the Hungarian authorities for failing to prosecute Mr Gyurcsány.  His ‘dubious transactions’, the author writes, have often been mentioned in the press but have never been investigated, just like his role as Prime Minister in the police abuses in 2006. Were he at least under investigation, Fricz thinks, he would  surely not have won the Brussels assignment.

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