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Governing without the two-thirds majority

April 18th, 2015

Both a conservative columnist and the leading left-wing daily hope that after losing its two-thirds majority in Parliament, Fidesz will be compelled to follow a more consensual path.

After the Veszprém and Tapolca by-elections, both Fidesz and the left-wing opposition parties are set to seek consensus, Szabolcs Szerető contends in Magyar Nemzet. The conservative columnist believes that everyone will be better off now that Fidesz is two Parliamentary seats short of a two-thirds majority after the Veszprém and Tapolca by-elections. As the governing party now does not possess absolute power, it will need to strike a more conciliatory tone in order to get Parliament’s approval for cardinal laws, which may in the long run restore its credibility and popularity, Szerető suggests. The same developments will also compel the left-wing opposition parties to abandon what Szerető calls ‘mindless and irresponsible opposition’ to any government proposals. As an example, Szerető mentions the vote on Hungary’s involvement in the anti-ISIS coalition (see BudaPost March 20) which was approved with the help of Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition and other liberal MPs.

Népszabadság in a front page editorial sighs with relief that from now on, Fidesz can no longer legislate according to its own taste and interest without seeking external support for major decisions. The opposition parties now have enough power to prevent the adaptation of important and potentially harmful cardinal laws.

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