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Opposition civil organizations call for a referendum

March 18th, 2015

A liberal commentator ridicules the efforts of anti-government NGOs to initiate a referendum on 19 separate issues. He suggests that unless the opposition finds a clear and simple message they are unlikely to increase their support.

On March 15 a group of NGOs taking part in a demonstration announced that they would initiate a referendum in order to ‘restore democracy and weaken the Orbán government,’ as they put it. According to the proposal, 19 separate questions will be listed in the referendum.

In 444, András Király finds it absurd that instead of focusing on a single issue, the anti-government civil organizations propose a referendum with 19 issues. The liberal commentator notes that it is not at all surprising that the anti-government NGOs have failed to mobilize the masses. In the absence of a clear political vision, it is unlikely that they will be successful, Király contends. Referenda are an important and effective means of weakening governments, but they are doomed to failure if they focus on minor and technical details rather than simple and popular ideas. In conclusion, he dismisses the efforts of the left-leaning NGOs to mobilize anti-government voters as a complete failure.

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