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Do Hungarians yearn for a benevolent king?

March 31st, 2015

The leading left-wing daily contends that Hungarians largely blame the brokerage house scandal on the government, but at the same time they expect it to intervene and solve the problem, rather than taking responsibility for their own decisions.

In a comment on the demonstration by small investors hit by the Quaestor brokerage bankruptcy Népszabadság remarks in a front page editorial that investors blame the government for the losses they have suffered due to the brokerage house insolvency but at the same time demand the government’s help.  The left-wing daily believes that angry investors who now criticize the government and PM Orbán hope that the Prime Minister will intervene and cover their losses from public funds. This, Népszabadság suggests, shows that Hungarians tend not to feel individual responsibility for their investment decisions.