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Vona’s moderate turn questioned

February 6th, 2015

A pro-government commentator says he cannot find Jobbik leader Gábor Vona’s turn towards moderation credible until the leader of Jobbik discloses his opinion about an infamous racist hate website.

Reacting to an article on Mandiner on  Vona’s chances of becoming PM Orbán’s challenger by embarking on a moderate path (see BudaPost, February 5 ), Gábor Bencsik writes on the same website  that the Jobbik leader still has to prove the sincerity of his new political line. Vona is „successfully sliding towards presentability” , and gives one televised interview after anther posing as the man of the future. He is never asked, however, what he thinks about kuruc.info, a hate-mongering racist web magazine known for its close ties with Jobbik. That web magazine, “whose vile authors incite hatred all day while hiding behind anonymity”, Bencsik continues, represents the intellectual milieu from which Jobbik originally sprang and its readers “are consumers of political pornography.” It still features Jobbik’s membership recruitment ad to this very day, Benscsik remarks, inviting interviewers to confront Vona with the simple question of what his opinion is about kuruc.info.


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