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Hungary among the stakeholders in Greece

January 27th, 2015

As the rest of the  dailies went to print before the final results of the Greek elections were made public on Sunday evening, the leading left-wing newspaper is the only one to react to Syriza’s victory, which it describes as a ‘wakeup call’.

In its front page editorial, Népszabadság suggests in fact that all sides are sending wakeup calls to the others. Greece will be governed by a party that promised an end to austerity and warned Europe that the Greek people will not be dictated any more in this way. Greece has been sinking into ever deeper hopelessness and grabbed the glimpse of hope offered by the Syriza party with its promise of a better life. A next wakeup call, Népszabadság continues, will soon come from Brussels, Berlin and other European capitals, when they let Greece know that the last instalment of the 240 billion Euro rescue package is still outstanding and that they will need further credits if they want to fulfil Syriza’s promises. As an EU member country, Hungary is also one of the creditors and has to have a say about how those credits will be used. Népszabadság believes new solutions will have to be found, as austerity has not worked, while ‘the Greek economic chaos’ was also untenable. What those new solutions should be remains a mystery for the moment.

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