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US accused of hypocrisy

December 12th, 2014

A conservative columnist commenting on the CIA interrogation tactics report contends that the US likes to take the moral high ground but acts in a morally abhorrent way, reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

In Magyar Hírlap, Miklós Lázin comments on the CIA interrogation report published earlier this week. He accuses the US of applying double standards. The US government approved interrogation techniques that violate basic human rights. “The CIA’s interrogation program opened up the possibility for committing acts which are defined as crimes of torture in international law, and which were once practiced by Germans in Europe,” the conservative columnist writes. He suggests that the US likes to preach about human rights and democracy but at the same time does not act according to the same high principles. Lázin adds that the US has spied on its own allies as well as its own citizens and its authorities still discriminates against African-Americans. Despite all such violations of basic human rights and despite the principle of democratic equality, the US is an economic and military superpower, and thus it is not called to account for all these injustices it commits, he concludes.

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