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One ‘yes’ and one ‘no’ for Navracsics in Brussels

October 8th, 2014

Népszabadság thinks the future Hungarian Commissioner is an unprincipled man who dissociated himself from the government he has served for 4 years in order to get a seat in the European Commission. Magyar Nemzet writes that Tibor Navracsics kept his composure throughout the tough hearing.

In two successive votes within the Cultural Commission of the European Parliament, Tibor Navracsics was deemed fit to serve on the European Commission but unfit for the cultural, educational, youth and citizenship portfolio. Fidesz welcomed the decision as a victory, while left-wing Hungarian MEPs said Mr Navracsics suffered a humiliating defeat.

In its front page editorial, Népszabadság accuses Tibor Navracsics of reneging on his position in order to get the desired job in Brussels. “He is the kind of man who bends wherever he has to.” Népszabadság finds it distasteful that Navracsics should have criticised his own government’s performance on the freedom of the press and believes he should have expressed his “European character” while he was a member of the government.

Magyar Nemzet remarks that socialist, liberal and green politicians had been preparing for weeks to grill Navracsics during the hearing. They did not even try to question his professional and personal qualities; instead, they expressed their concern over the political situation in Hungary.  Nevertheless, Magyar Nemzet continues, Navracsics responded calmly and professionally during the hearing.



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