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Controversial elections in Jewish organisations

July 14th, 2014

The most popular Jewish web magazine sharply criticises the Budapest Jewish Faith community for electing a former transvestite performer as its chief administrator and treasurer.

In an unsigned editorial, Szombat deems the election of David Schwezoff inadmissible and detrimental to the Jewish community. The editors agree with the chairman of the National Alliance of Jewish Religious Communities (MAZSIHISZ) who  called on the Budapest community to suspend Mr Schwezoff from his new post. They also protest against Mr Schwezoff’s candidacy to the post of MAZSIHISZ treasurer. (He eventually got a few votes less than Péter Kunos, a financial expert, State Secretary of Finances in 1989, then CEO of Agrobank. In the latter position, he was sentenced to 16 months in jail for irregularities in issuing government privatization credits). Szombat also criticises the Orthodox Rabbinical Council which took up the defence of Mr Schwezoff on the grounds that he repented. The editors argue that the orthodox community is free to appoint Mr Schwezoff to a leading position within its own ranks.