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Obama’s policy described as reminiscent of the Cold War

June 7th, 2014

A pro-government daily believes Obama’s main intentions in Ukraine are to weaken the only super-power rival to the US, and to destabilize a potential German-Russian axis. He thinks Hungary must not take part in any peacekeeping mission in Ukraine.

In Magyar Nemzet László Gábor Zord describes Obama’s policy as “unscrupulous” and in sharp contrast to his initial promise to restore the United States’ moral authority in the world through dialogue and co-operation – a pledge which earned him his Nobel Peace Prize. The American involvement, and US attitudes to the Ukraine crisis are not guided by an interest in democracy, he claims, for if they ere, the US would not have supported the presence of anti-democratic forces in the Ukrainian government. Zord suggests that the real aim of such diplomacy is to weaken Russia by keeping Ukraine in a state of permanent conflict and prevent European-Russian cooperation, now that the US is increasingly turning its attention to the Far East. While the unrest in Ukraine continues, “relations between Berlin and Moscow cannot reach their full potential”, although such co-operation might eventually become the guarantee of peace on the continent. East-Europeans may have bad memories of Russia (and Germany), he concludes, but the past should not interfere with the present, and Hungary must not in any event send peacekeeping troops to Ukraine “even if we are asked to do so by our powerful overseas allies.”

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