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Jobbik triumphalism ridiculed

May 30th, 2014

A passionate pro-government columnist who is often accused of playing extreme right-wing tunes mock Jobbik leader Gábor Vona’s claim that his radical right wing party has become Fidesz’s only challenger as a result of the European elections.

Magyar Hírlap’s Zsolt Bayer pokes fun at Jobbik, the radical right-wing party that considers itself one of the winners of the EP elections on May 25. “Radical” has a traditionally positive connotation in Hungarian, and Bayer calls it a euphemism to describe Jobbik as such (meaning it would be preferable to call it extremist). He calls Kurucinfo, the far-right racist webmagazine “Jobbik’s favourite media outlet” and quotes a remark from the site which describes French far-right Marine Le Pen’s Front National “a Zionist organisation”. Front National scored a “baffling” success that “gives fodder for thought”. Unlike Jobbik which lost 6 percentage points on the way from the national to the European election. Bayer thinks Jobbik leaders proved their ‘poor mental state’ on April 6th, with the disappointment with which they greeted by far the best score of their history with over 20 per cent. In other words, he continues, they had believed their own propaganda and earnestly hopped to defeat Fidesz. After the European elections, on the other hand, they sounded triumphant, although they merely reaped 14 per cent of the ballots cast. Party chairman Vona boasted, in fact that they were by then the number 2 party in Hungary and thus the only challenger of the governing party. In reality, Bayer remarks, they only managed to beat the Socialists who had sunk to a historic low of ten per cent.




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