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Jobbik seen as a revolt of the young

April 28th, 2014

A former LMP politician condemns liberal intellectuals and Socialist politicians who are content with labelling the young supporters of Jobbik as an extreme right crowd instead of recognizing and addressing their concerns.

On his blog, Gábor Vágó, a former LMP MP, suggests that Jobbik supporters must not be dismissed as country idiots who know nothing about democracy. On the contrary, opinion shapers must understand that these angry young people are dissatisfied with the opportunities the country provides. Their grievances must be addressed with an adequate policy package by the left or the centre and then they will leave Jobbik, as it is not Jobbik’s racism that attracts them in the first place but its radicalism. In his closing remark he advises the old guard to accept that their audience is now confined to a few elderly Hungarians who still watch television.

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