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Felcsút stadium under the microscope

April 28th, 2014

The Prime Minister is mocked and criticised by left-liberal pundits for having a football stadium built in his native Felcsút. The project is also criticised by a moderate right-wing commentator.Several stadiums are under construction in a project aimed at propping up ailing Hungarian football. The Felcsút pitch is part of a football academy sponsored by a tax rebate programme for enterprises ready to donate to sport.

In what is probably the week’s sharpest remark on the Prime Minister, HVG’s László Seres compares the football arena to one-time Romanian Communist ruler Ceausescu’s ambitious building projects.
On Mandiner, Gellért Rajcsányi publishes pictures of the new stadium, and accompanies each with the same caption – a warning from Marcus Aurelius: “Take care that thou art not made into a Caesar”.
In the latest of his vitriolic comments in Népszabadság, Péter Uj describes the presence of the Chief Prosecutor at the side of the Prime Minister as a confession of having abandoned every semblance of independence, a deed the columnist describes as “character suicide”.

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