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‘Don’t panic’ appeal to the MSZP

April 29th, 2014

A leading left-liberal pundit cautions Socialist Party Chairman against hasty moves which have done so much harm to his authority since the elections.
In Népszabadság, veteran columnist Ervin Tamás suggests that reacting to the signs of disintegration within the left-wing alliance in general and the MSZP in particular, Party Chairman Attila Mesterházy has put forward unfortunate ideas without having a new strategy to fit them into. Tamás finds it absurd that Mesterházy should kick off his campaign for the European parliamentary elections by emphasising that his people will support Fidesz MEPs in defending Hungarian national interest. He should have emphasised the differences in attitude instead, he believes. Another blunder in his view was Mesterházy’s offer to support an LMP candidate for the Mayor of Budapest at the municipal elections next autumn, since the offer was predictably rejected immediately. Tamás does not believe the rumours according to which Mesterházy is already more or less dependent on Fidesz (see BudaPost April 22), but thinks that PM Orbán has a tame, domesticated Left in mind. If Mesterházy wants to avoid that, Tamás suggests, he should keep his composure and show his maturity as a leader by reacting resolutely to each move of Fidesz, day after day.

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