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A conservative about to vote for LMP

April 2nd, 2014

A conservative commentator thinks another two-thirds majority would be too much and advocates voting for LMP.
In the center-right Mandiner, András Stumpf, a leading young journalist of pro-government Heti Válasz, sums up the last four years without a hint of enthusiasm. His list of complaints is not very different from that of moderate liberal critics and he would prefer a somewhat weaker Fidesz government that is forced to negotiate with opposition parties. He would find it unthinkable to vote for “the remnants of the postcommunists” and their allies (referring to the opposition alliance) who are “beyond hope anyway” but suggests that voters who have concerns similar to his should vote for LMP. He does not exactly agree with many of the party’s policies, and finds their resistance to nuclear energy “irritating” and their green ideas “just green” (immature), but all the same, they “have the virtues of a real left-wing party”, one that is opposed to the present post-communist, internationalist, politically correct left-wing elite, so prone to “selling out this country”. It would be a shame, he concludes, if LMP did not make it into Parliament. (According to the recent polls, LMP is hovering around the 5% threshold.)

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