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Left rebrands itself on the homestretch

March 8th, 2014

Népszabadság believes that changing the name of the left-wing alliance was unavoidable, dictated by the nature of the new electoral system. It’s new joint programme, on the other hand, has been published because the electoral messages have not been effective so far.In a front page editorial one month before Election Day, Népszabadság finds it awkward that the left-wing parties have had to rename their alliance during the final phase of the contest. Instead of ‘Összefogás’ (League, Unity), they decided to use hereinafter a new brand: ‘Kormányváltás’ (Government change). The new electoral system has made it easier for parties to stand, and among them there is one called ‘Összefogás’ (as a matter of fact that little party already ran four years ago), and Népszabadság thinks that “it was the cunning new rules brought in by Fidesz which forced the left wing parties to form an alliance in the first place, and now to change its name”. At the same time, the parties of the alliance have also published an 8 point programme, promising among other things increases in the minimum wage and in medicine subsidies, as well as cuts in food prices. The Left must have realised, Népszabadság remarks, that its programme messages haven’t got through to the electorate so far. Opinion polls suggest that in order to win, the Left would have to put through extremely efficient and clear messages. In its concluding remark, the left-wing daily sarcastically notes that the promise of cheaper food is “as clear as Fidesz’s messages are”.

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