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Opinion polls: no breakthrough on the left

February 7th, 2014

Commenting on the latest polls, a conservative columnist contends that the newfound unity of the left-wing parties, rather than increasing their electoral base, has helped mobilize pro-Fidesz voters. The reason for this, he suggests, is the lack of vision on the left.

There is no breakthrough on the left,” Szabolcs Szerető comments in Magyar Nemzet on the latest survey of the Medián polling company. According to the poll conducted after the left-wing coalition (see BudaPost January 17) was formed, the agreement on a joint party list and joint candidates has failed to increase the support of the left (22 per cent of the total voting population). Fidesz, on the other hand, increased its lead by 2 per cent, and is now supported by 39 per cent of the total electorate, while Jobbik stands at 10, and LMP at 3 per cent. Among voters likely to participate in the ballot, Fidesz commands 52 per cent, followed by the left-wing alliance (29 per cent). Although 45 per cent of the voting age population would prefer a new government, 51 per cent say they would not vote for the left-wing alliance under any circumstances.

It is not the format, but the content which frightens away voters from the left-wing alliance, Szerető suggests. The pro-government columnist continues by noting that the opposition parties lack vision and instead of putting forward a credible program, try to frame the April election as a referendum on the Orbán government without presenting any coherent alternative policy recommendations. As this strategy has so far not been successful, the left is likely to become even more radical and desperate in its rhetoric, Szerető concludes.

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