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Analyst on the PM’s speech

February 19th, 2014

A centrist analyst says Viktor Orbán’s speech was short and dull but he might be playing it safe, rather than stirring up emotions, given his substantial lead just seven weeks before the elections.

Gábor Török in his campaign blog commentary finds this year’s speech by Orbán short, dull, unmemorable and rather empty. However, he warns, a dull speech is not necessarily a bad one in a campaign where Fidesz has a solid lead in the polls. Whether it was intentional or not, he argues, a short speech crammed with folk-wisdoms and quotations may “cool the campaign”, offering nothing for the opposition to attack, while still pleasing the intended audience. Mobilization, after all, is more footwork at this point than speeches. Yet analysts should not make too much of it, he suggests. Whether the Prime Minister struck the right tone or not will be shown by the outcome of the election on April 6th, Török concludes.

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