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Fodor Number 4 on the opposition list

January 15th, 2014

In the very first press reaction to the new opposition electoral pact, a liberal commentator finds it hair-raising that former SZDSZ chairman Gábor Fodor should have been given the fourth place on the joint ballot.

Minutes after the leaders of the opposition parties announced the outcome of intense negotiations conducted over the past week, Cink’s László Szily furiously asks what trump cards Fodor may possibly hide up his sleeve to have managed to blackmail the other three into putting him so high on their list. Socialist Party chairman Attila Mesterházy, DK chief Ferenc Gyurcsány and Together leader Gordon Bajnai have equally contributed effort, networks and constituencies to the joint effort, but he can just not figure out what Fodor’s contribution is. Szily confesses to having been a liberal militant in the past, but at the time everyone knew in the SZDSZ that Fodor was “good for nothing, apart from making nice speeches”. Therefore, he concludes, the other three leaders could not reasonably hope to win over former SZDSZ followers by exhibiting Fodor so high on their list and thus had no real reason to place him ahead of prominent Socialist personalities. Unless, he remarks with bitter irony, he has secret video footage of their orgies.

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