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A liberal argument in Gyurcsány’s favour

December 10th, 2013

A radically liberal commentator accuses dominant left-wing opinion makers and the leading parties of anti-Gyurcsány bias as well of anti-democratic methods in their efforts to keep the leader of the Democratic Coalition outside the left-wing electoral alliance.

On Galamus, Vera Lánczos regrets the fact that the Socialists and Together-PM refuse to include Ferenc Gyurcsány’s DK in their alliance. She deplores the anti-Gyurcsány attitude of the mainstream left-wing media, which tends to depict the former Prime Minister as an intractable person and someone who puts forward unacceptable demands. What Gyurcsány actually wants according to Lánczos is a society based on freedom of the individual, the free market and the effective separation of the state from the churches. She accuses Socialist leader Attila Mesterházy and his ally, Gordon Bajnai of not daring to raise such issues, and thinks the left-wing media is not doing its job when it fails to confront them. Gyurcsány does not necessarily want to be part of a future left-wing government, she continues, he just wants to be part of a joint effort to send the current government packing. If the parties to the bilateral electoral pact still refuse to re-open negotiations with him, then they probably value their leading role within the opposition more than electoral victory. Although an alliance with Gyurcsány would be in their best interest, Lánczos does not believe they will change their mind.

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