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George Soros is accused of financing Gyurcsány

November 5th, 2013

A right-wing daily thinks that the commission given to a company founded by Mr Gyurcsány shows that Gordon Bajnai has fallen out of favour with left-liberal circles.

Heti Válasz (print version) revealed last week that Altus Group, a company founded by ex-premier Ferenc Gyurcsány is doing well in the Balkans and has received lucrative contracts from the Bulgarian government as well as from the Open Society Institute, a foundation set up by Hungarian-American  investor and philanthropist George Soros. According to the journalist OSI commissioned Altus for a project aimed at educating and promoting the local Roma elite in Bulgaria, a priority of OSI in several countries.

In Magyar Nemzet, Matild Torkos comments that such “fat contracts”, though “hardly surprising”, might explain while Bajnai “has been dropped by the left-leaning media”. She says Bajnai probably followed “someone else’s blueprint” when he “forced the Socialists into an electoral pact” after the failure of his original ambition to lead the united opposition. Soros, Torkos thinks, supports the remnants of the Free Democrats, many of whom joined Gyurcsány, and disapproves of Socialist Party chief Mesterházy. It is no accident, she adds, that countries “who value national tradition, history and thousand-year-old Christian values” try to defend themselves from any influence coming from Soros. She reminds readers that the Soros investment fund speculated against the Hungarian OTP bank in 2008 (though Soros had in fact withdrawn from the management by that time), “and he is the man who blessed us with drug liberalization and the rest of the liberal humbug”. National security demands, she says, that ’Gyurcsány’s ties be scrutinized by “the competent state agencies”.

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