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The Netherlands 8, Hungary 1

October 14th, 2013

Hungary’s number one football commentator believes the crushing defeat of the selected team in Amsterdam faithfully reflects the poor quality of Hungarian football.The last time Hungary made it to the World Cup was in 1986, and the manager had to resign because of the team’s pathetic performance”, Iván Hegyi recalls in Népszabadság. Since then Hungary has fired twenty managers, which is probably a world record. Sándor Egervári is the latest one in a long line of unsuccessful managers, but they are just scapegoats, Hegyi warns. The real problem is the law standard domestic championship and “the even more eerie habits behind the scenes”. There are always lackeys ready to assure the officialdom which spends billions on football that things are improving, but unfortunately their soothing lies are regularly disproved by international encounters. “Hungarian football has perhaps never been as deep in the mud as these days”.