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Centre-right journalist finds provost’s dress code excessive

October 17th, 2013

A moderate pro-government weekly defends controversial measures to tackle the homeless, but excoriates the provost of Kaposvár University for introducing a strict dress code for students.

In Heti Válasz, Attila Michnai accuses Socialist MEP Kinga Göncz of misrepresenting the recent legislation concerning the homeless in the European Parliament. He quotes her as saying that the new rules make homelessness an offense. (On the new rules barring the homeless from sleeping rough in World Heritage sites, and allowing local council to designate further public areas as unacceptable as “living spaces” see BudaPost October 7). Michnai argues that the regulation simply protects public property without hurting the homeless.

In the same article he elaborates on the notion of “order”, and warns the provost of Kaposvár University that imposing a detailed dress code on students was excessive. In an incident much discussed in the media, the provost imposed a strict dress code on students, which included banning short skirts and shorts, sandals, heavy make-up and strong perfume. Students of the Department of Theatre appeared in class nude, covered by textbooks – the image was taken up by the foreign press but the protest itself lost momentum and ended soon afterwards. Michnai admits that students should know how to express respect for their universities, especially at exams, but believes that simply talking to them about appropriate clothing would have been sufficient.


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