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The ups and downs of flood PR

June 13th, 2013

A centrist analyst warns left-wing critics that it is futile to attack PM Orbán for leading flood defence  operations. On similar occasions all political leaders put on their mackintoshes and rush to the dikes to show leadership – this is part of the job.

Gábor Török writes in his blog that left-liberal critics fail to understand the concept of leadership when they launch desperate attacks on Viktor Orbán (see BudaPost June 12th). To show strong leadership in a situation like this is neither unusual, nor contemptible – world leaders do just the same. Remember Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of Germany in his rubber boots in 2002. From a cynical angle, he argues, floods are the dream scripts for political leaders: they provide drama and then predictably pass – unlike economic recession. It is also understandable, says Török, that Orbán entrusted his own media team with the task of documenting his appearances instead of relying on professional news crews. Yet, some footage is tacky, and the flood of images may actually ignite some resentment. One may recall how fiercely Fidesz attacked – while in opposition – former PM Gyurcsány’s “show business style” presence at rescue sites. Now, it seems, Orbán, pulling off his white socks in his car before the camera, is heeding media consultants whose adage is: you cannot get low enough and any presence in the news is worth it. However, by going down the way of reality show characters, the analyst concludes, Prime Minister might eventually hurt his own political image.

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