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Party proliferation seen as Vanity Fair

April 4th, 2013

An independent conservative blogger believes the proliferation of political parties in Hungary is due to the narcissism of Hungarian political leaders, rather than to any significant political differences.

Véleményvezér disagrees with Népszabadság’s Ervin Tamás, who wrote last week that former liberal party leaders set up their separate parties in order secure a place for themselves on the opposition ticket next year. (See BudaPost, March 30) The popular conservative blogger believes the real reason is far simpler: sheer vanity. Our political stars simply cannot accept their sudden fall from grace and becoming supporting actors, he argues. So they  found new and altogether  hopeless parties rather than accep secondary roles. Vanity is the main factor behind the rivalry between the Socialist Party and Together-2014 as well, Véleményvezér contends. In fact, during their negotiations no substantial divergences emerged on policy and programmes. If Gordon Bajnai wants to be the leader of a future opposition alliance, the blogger concludes, he should not bother over much coordinating various policies. Rather, he should focus his energies on what conspicuous roles he can offer to his conceited allies.

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