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Government widens its lead

March 7th, 2013

Right-wing columnists review the latest opinion polls, and conclude that the opposition parties are unlikely to challenge the governing coalition at the 2014 parliamentary elections.

According to the latest polls by Medián and Ipsos, Fidesz has increased its popularity. The two polling companies put Fidesz support at 18 and 26 per cent of the total electorate. The MSZP stands at 12 and 13 per cent, the far-right Jobbik at 8 and 10 per cent, and the LMP at 3 per cent. In Medián”s report, Együtt 2014 is supported by 8 per cent of voters, while Ipsos measures Bajnai”s constituency at 3 per cent.

Since 1990, governing parties have never been as popular a year before the parliamentary elections in Hungary as the Fidesz and their ally Christian Democrats, András Kovács comments in Magyar Nemzet. Although the opposition parties together have higher support than the governing parties, it is absolutely unlikely that the left-wing parties would cooperate with the far-right Jobbik in 2014, the pro-government pundit notes. This suggests that Fidesz has a fair chance of retaining power after the 2014 elections, Kovács concludes.

, István Stefka remarks in Magyar Hírlap. The growing popularity of Fidesz shows that voters are not willing to exchange their votes for the empty promises of the left-wing opposition parties, Stefka remarks. The polls suggest that Hungarians appreciate the government”s efforts to reduce debt while also easing the burden of Hungarian families by increasing the taxes of multinational companies and banks, Stefka contends. In an aside, he notes that the left needs to overcome its “Bolshevik” past and become much more sensitive to the everyday needs of ordinary Hungarians in order to challenge the power of Fidesz.

The left-wing dailies have not yet commented on the latest polls published last week.

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