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Mutual pre-election fears

January 31st, 2013

A left-wing analyst thinks the electoral system introduced by the government will probably make it impossible for the opposition to win. A pro-government columnist, however, fears that the left wing may win over the majority, in a long-running “hate campaign.”

In Népszabadság, Richárd Szentpéteri Nagy, an expert on constitutional law, contends that the electoral system devised by the right-wing government leaves the door open to fraud. In a lengthy interview with the left-wing daily, he suggests that supervision of the electoral procedure has become more difficult. One example he cites is that parties must send two delegates to the polling stations, in order to be allowed to be present, instead of the former requirement of one. He also suspects that it will be difficult to keep trace of the trans-border vote, and fears that there will be too many candidates in the individual constituencies. The Electoral Procedure Act will be reopened for discussion in February, but Szentpéteri Nagy thinks no substantial changes will be passed. He believes an overwhelming majority would be needed for the opposition to win, but such a majority is nowhere in sight.

In Magyar Hírlap, Ervin Nagy (one of the founders of Jobbik, who left when the youth organisation turned into a party in opposition to Fidesz) is convinced that in order to return to power. Most voters, he argues, are not anchored on either side of the political divide and choose their favourites on emotional grounds. The Socialists have realised, Nagy continues, that it is easier to stir up negative emotions, like fear, hatred and anxiety than good feelings, and have chosen their campaign advisor accordingly. Nagy describes Ron Werber as the “tradesman of hatred”, and suspects that it was his idea to put the two least popular cabinet ministers on a huge poster inaugurating the start of a long campaign. “It will be longer than usual and full of fear and hate mongering,” the right-wing commentator predicts.

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