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An impotent opposition?

January 1st, 2013

A centrist commentator lists the failings of the opposition.

Véleményvezér, after spending most of the year criticising the government, now turns his pen on the opposition: “they seem to have undergone a lobotomy” in 2012. In a spirited article the author claims that former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has become his own parody with a series of media-friendly actions that have all missed the target. Jobbik, he continues, is running amok instead of attempting to turn itself into a credible alternative right wing force, while the LMP, despite their commendable efforts to raise relevant political issues in parliament, such as the oligarchs, the problem of land leases and the question of Socialist-era secret agents “still being protected”, ended the year by splitting into two bickering factions. The MSZP, continues the author, is “a stale brand”, their support stagnates at 12-14%, yet they nurture grand designs of becoming the only political force on the left. The failure of all opposition parties is underlined by the fact – concludes Véleményvezér – that Gordon Bajnai could, “with a single speech,” attract the sympathy of ten per cent of probable voters.

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