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Népszabadság ponders revolution

December 26th, 2012

A leading left-wing columnist regards any revolutionary option as uncivilised, but wonders if there is a way to oust Fidesz from power without resorting to violence.

How can a democratically elected, but illegitimate authoritarian regime which aims at entrenching its political and economic power be replaced? deputy editor Gábor Horváth asks in Népszabadság.

Over the past few days several left-wing pundits have expressed fears that Fidesz would not accept defeat after the next elections (See BudaPost, December 24). Similar rumours spread during the last months of the first democratically elected government, but the passage of power after the left wing victory in 1994 was smooth and seamless.

Recalling 20th Century revolutions, Horváth remarks that a couple of decades ago extra-parliamentary and violent means were seen as a natural option in the face of any regime “which abused power and weakened democratic institutions as widely as the Orbán government,” since such regimes could not be expected to ever concede defeat and relinquish power. This, however, seems not to be an option nowadays, since revolutionary action involving violence is now discredited in the civilized world. In a sudden leap of logic, Horváth suggests that “in order to convince outsiders of its peaceful intentions,” Fidesz, whom he otherwise suspects of clinging to power at any price, should, after conceding defeat in 2014, also withdraw from office the public officials and dignitaries it has appointed for long terms, which far exceed its own.

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