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János Áder elected President of Hungary

May 3rd, 2012

A leading LMP politician writes in his blog that Áder, despite his party political background in Fidesz, could represent a new chance for Hungary’s political culture. A left-wing columnist contends however that independence from the party line is not an option for the new President. A right-wing editor deems it necessary for Hungary to have a President who will not hinder the governments’ efforts.

János Áder,  who served as one of his party’s leading officials for two decades andthen spent the past three years as a Member of the European Parliament, was elected  President of the Republic on May 2nd.

Gergely Karácsony, a leading LMP Member of Parliament notes the moderate tone of Áder’s inaugural address, and believes that while Pál Schmitt’s presidency was an operetta-reflection of Fidesz-governed Hungary, Áder will not follow in his footsteps. Nevertheless, Áder will only succeed in proving to Karácsony his credentials as an ‘independent-minded’ President, if he at least tries to submit the electoral law and the reform of the judiciary to the Constitutional Court for revision. He agrees that such a move is highly improbable, for János Áder is known to be one of the authors of both.

János Dési in Népszava compares the presidential role under Orbán to the presidents of the former People’s Republic of Hungary who “shook hands, travelled, received ambassadors and awarded medals to people who were meant to be honoured.” Áder has two choices: to fit into this role, or take his office seriously and examine the constitutional legality of various pieces of legislation before signing them. The latter choice seems an impossible task, he suggests.

Writing in Magyar Hírlap, István Stefka argues that in the early nineties, erstwhile President Árpád Göncz, as the man of the SZDSZ, the largest opposition party at the time, did immense harm to Hungary, by opposing several measures proposed by the ruling MDF.  Áder, by way of contrast, represents the two-thirds majority which Fidesz enjoys, and brings a new generation to the presidency.

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