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Rogán vs Tarlós: a sign that the PM is weakening?

February 7th, 2012

A left wing columnist speculates that the conflict between Budapest Mayor István Tarlós and one of Fidesz’s young shots, Antal Rogán, Mayor of the capital’s 5th district might be a sign that PM Viktor Orbán’s position is weakening.

In a rather unusual open confrontation between two Fidesz politicians, last week Mr Rogán criticised Mr Tarlós’s handling of the problems of the city’s public transport system. He suggested that the Budapest Transport Centre, one of the most important institutions created by the Mayor of Budapest after his election, should be closed down. Mr Tarlós hit back, suggesting that the idea of subsidising the city public transportation system through a special automobile tax to be levied on all car-users in the city was Mr. Rogán’s idea. Rogán denied this.

In the last 18 months Mr Rogán has never missed a chance to confront Mr Tarlós, but always behind the scenes, mostly in Parliament – writes Népszabadság, reminding readers that while the younger politician is an MP, Mr Tarlós resigned after his election as mayor.

Mr Rogán always found allies, and when the scandal erupted, gracefully withdrew from the scene of an embarrassing conflict” – remarks Anna Szalai in the left wing daily.  The columnist mentions two such cases: one on tourist taxes, and the other on fund-sharing, both major sources of conflict between the Budapest Municipality and the district councils.

As Budapest’s public transport system is on the verge of collapse, Antal Rogán (after visiting Abu Dhabi with one of the closest advisers of Viktor Orbán) feels the moment has come to openly attack István Tarlós – writes Népszabadság, concluding that such developments suggest a weakening either of the alliance between the Mayor of Budapest and Viktor Orbán, or of the PM himself.

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