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Radical right may profit from anti-EU sentiments

January 25th, 2012

Liberal and left-wing analysts fear that the strengthening anti-EU rhetoric prevalent among the supporters of the government will in the long run play into the hands of the radical right.

Saturday’s pro-government demonstration ( see BudaPost January23, 24 ) showed how strong anti-capitalist and anti-Western feelings are among Fidesz supporters, Véleményvezér writes. The liberal conservative commentator finds it shocking that demonstrators who support moderate right-wing Fidesz should have echoed slogans that in Western Europe are only used by radical right wing parties.

Véleményvezér fears that such attitudes may open an opportunity for the radical right-wing Jobbik party. The Orbán government has little choice but to reach a loan agreement with the EU and the IMF to calm the markets. If this happens, Jobbik can easily ride on the nationalist wave, and improve their popularity among those who now support Fidesz for what they regard as its uncompromising defence of national sovereignty, Véleményvezér concludes.

In Szuverén, Zoltán Miklósi wonders if the demonstrations on Saturday mark a turning point for Fidesz, which has so far been supportive of the EU. The liberal commentator believes that Fidesz uses “double speak” in order to attract radical-leaning right-wingers, while also trying to agree with the EU and the IMF. But the government will have a hard time explaining to its anti-EU supporters why an IMF-deal is necessary, and how accepting this does not compromise Hungarian independence, Miklósi adds. He suggests nonetheless, that the EU should act responsibly, bearing in mind that the harsher conditions it sets for Hungary in the credit negotiations, the more Jobbik will benefit from the deal .

In Galamus, Ferenc L. Lendvai goes even farther. He believes that Saturday’s pro-government rally was the fruit of cooperation between supporters of Fidesz and Jobbik along nationalist and anti-EU lines. The left-wing commentator, who earlier compared the rule of Fidesz to a coup d’état, speculates that during the next election Fidesz will without qualms cooperate with Jobbik, if by doing so it can stay in power.

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