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Waiting for Gordon

October 28th, 2011

Magyar Nemzet believes that the split of the Socialist Party is part of a strategy to maximize votes in the next general elections, while former PM Gordon Bajnai waits in the wings.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the man who blew up the Socialist Party, has realised that he is not the right person to act as leader of a combined opposition alliance. That is why   he mentioned Gordon Bajnai as a possible prime ministerial candidate for the Olive Tree coalition under formation – writes Szabolcs Szerető, the deputy editor of Magyar Nemzet. (Bajnai replaced Gyurcsány as prime minister, when the latter stepped down in 2009).

“The split in the Socialist Party lacks both style and generosity, and the most difficult part is yet to come,” – Szerető suggests, referring to a move by the Socialists to prevent Mr Gyurcsány forming a new parliamentary group. (See BudaPost October 27)

“It looks like play-acting, and behind the scenes of this rather chaotic split, the outlines of a longer term project are emerging, aimed at increasing the vote for the left. Two parties can reach more voters than one which is eating itself alive”– Szerető believes, sketching a scenario in which the underdog, Socialist Party leader Attila Mesterházy, steps forward, the strongman Ferenc Gyurcsány steps back, but both work hard in the meantime to prepare Gordon Bajnai’s comeback.

Mr Bajnai is not a divisive character, so he might be acceptable for the political left, the anti-government movements and even for the left-green party LMP. Mr Gyurcsány, meanwhile, might try to direct the show from behind the scenes, and it is not completely unimaginable to see him as a potential candidate for President – the right wing columnist speculates.

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