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Missing a Hungarian Steve Jobs

October 8th, 2011

As the world mourns Steve Jobs, a blog is searching for his Hungarian equivalents and concludes that right now Hungary is not the best place for innovators.

Steve Jobs was the most important entrepreneur of the last 25 years – writes Véleményvezér (Opinion Leader). He was a man disinterested in the mainstream and who steadfastly believed in the power of creation.

The moderate conservative blogger remarks that Jobs became one of the richest men in the world without ever asking for state subsidies and „unusually for an entrepreneur, he was a real hero of Western civilization and free market economy”.

But Véleményvezér is afraid that Steve Jobs would have never become the man he was, had he lived in Hungary. „The lack of similar icons in today’s Hungary makes us sad. Not that we don’t have excellent talents, determined and persistent businessmen, but they don’t get very far” – complains the blogger, blaming the environment: the system of state subsidies, absurd local taxes and corruption.