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October 26th, 2011

Magyar Hírlap welcomes PM Viktor Orbán’s decision to attend the EU-summit last weekend, instead of staying in Hungary to mark the anniversary of the 1956 revolution.

It would have been a luxury to remain in Hungary and deliver a speech commemorating the 1956 revolution, instead of participating at the EU summit last weekend, at a time when we are all facing financial problems – writes Csaba Szajlai in Magyar Hírlap.

The columnist also approves of what he calls “a turn” taken by the Hungarian government in its economic policy, away from the concept of a “declining West”(see BudaPost, July, 16). “As members of NATO and the European Union, it would not be in our interest to go against our allies,” – Csaba Szajlai believes, with reference both to EU subsidies, and to the helicopters Hungary is due to receive from the United States.

Magyar Hírlap urges the government to align itself with common European policies, as no other recipes exist which would attract foreign investment. “Only one solution exists: an unequivocal, clearly communicated and efficient economic policy, supported by successful diplomacy, in order to slowly but surely regain trust in this country” – writes the Magyar Hírlap columnist. He ends on a passionate note: ”Europe will stand by us, if we stand by Europe.”

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