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Is it PC to shake hands with Jobbik?

September 27th, 2011

Népszabadság caught LMP leader András Schiffer chatting with Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona in the MPs’ office building and finds the scene unacceptable. Mandiner’s blogger, on the other hand, expects civilised behaviour from MPs towards one another, regardless of their political affiliations.

“Anyone with a modicum of self-respect will refrain from shaking hands with Nazis” – judges Ákos Tóth in Népszabadság, in a comment on a photo taken in the former Hungarian Socialist Workers’ (Communist) Party Central Committee building, which now hosts the offices of members of parliament and their party groups. Tóth was outraged to see far right leader Vona turn back on his way out of the building as he noticed Green leader Schiffer, walk up to him, and exchange smiles at the sight of Socialist MPs (who were meeting to face Ferenc Gyurcsány’s latest challenge). The men continued chatting cheerfully in the company of an aide to Fidesz floor leader János Lázár. Népszabadság’s commentator reminds readers of the racist incidents Jobbik MPs have provoked over the past months and suggests that democratic politicians should not fraternise with their leader.

Mandiner’s blogger, who signs his (or her) writings with a double pseudonym – Zsigmond and Péterfy– invites Népszabadág’s author to pay a short visit to the smoking area of the Parliament building, where he will find MPs from all quarters chatting with MPs from all quarters. Including Socialists chatting with Jobbik people. “Not as if they were the best friends in the world, but simply because this is how adults are expected to behave.”

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