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A possible consensus between foes

September 26th, 2011

A commentator in the left wing daily Népszabadság tries to find three issues on which consensus could be reached between Hungary’s bitterly divided parliamentary parties.

The author picks up the main thread from a Parliamentary speech by Attila Mesterházy in which the Socialist Party leader urged a consensus on what he called a national minimum of issues. F. Zoltán Baka concentrates on three strictly non-ideological subjects on which a consensus could emerge.

The first is law and order. “The Orbán cabinet was right to recognise the need for a quick solution” – the commentator notes, adding that the time has come to face the Roma problem without right or left-wing prejudices.

The second issue should be an industrial strategy identifying one or two innovative products, which would define Hungary just as Nokia defined Finland. “A public fund should be set up to support innovation, in cooperation with universities and research labs” – writes the left wing daily.

The third issue should be football, an important entertainment business worth billions of euros. Zoltán F. Baka urges the state to lure Hungarian football players back from abroad and direct them to a couple of clubs. That would make these clubs strong enough to become regulars in the Champions’ League, thus generating sorely needed income. “Football isn’t a matter of life and death. It’s much more important than that” – Baka quotes the legendary Liverpool manager, Bill Shankly, adding that success in football would give a sense of community to all Hungarians.

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