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Is Fidesz running too fast?

July 16th, 2011

During its first year in government Fidesz has passed an unprecedented number of bills, at record speed. One analyst, coming from the political centre, believes that driving like this may prove self-destructive.

“Fidesz may eventually be defeated by its own hastily constructed legal system , rather than by some dreaded broad opposition alliance,” – warns Attila Antal, of the Meltányosság think tank, in Heti Világgazdaság.

The political scientist lists five risks which he believes are inherent in the “revolutionary legislative practice” as persued by Fidesz: problems of accuracy, faulty predictability, low efficiency, high levels of resistance in society and controversies within the ruling party itself. As if to bear this out, two leading figures in the party, vice chairman Zoltán Pokorni and National Council chairman (and Speaker of Parliament) László Kövér have recently called upon their fellow-legislators to slow down.

In an interview on the Origo news website, the floor leader of Fidesz, János Lázár promises to take that criticism on board. But he adds that he „cannot guarantee that no quick decisions will be needed if, for example, whole countries go bankrupt in Europe….We have passed 226 bills in the past twelve months, which would have been impossible if we had stood idle for weeks on end, incapable of making up our minds on certain issues. Mind you, we had to solve issues that had been dragging   on for 20 years.”

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