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More light!

July 11th, 2011

Right wing commentators join their colleagues on the left to demand more transparency in the latest spy scandal, in which a former Socialist cabinet minister is allegedly implicated.

As Budapost reported earlier, the chief prosecutor has launched an investigation into a case of alleged espionage in which high ranking former officials of Socialist governments stand accused. The events now under investigation took place around 2007. The suspects are the former cabinet minister in charge of supervising the secret services, György Szilvásy, and two previous heads of the counter-espionage service.

Left wing media have demanded more details from the start, but they have now been joined by editorial writers in the leading pro-government daily, Magyar Nemzet. More transparency should be provided, the paper argues in successive editorials, despite the obviously confidential nature of the matter.

Péter Csermely believes the spy-case will have extraordinary consequences. If Mr Szilvásy is proven guilty, this might mean the end of the Socialist party. If he is acquitted, Fidesz’s credibility will be crushed… We await what follows in uneasy ignorance.”

On the following day, an even more explicit editorial by co-editor Szabolcs Szerető suggests that the current lack of information surrounding the case could undermine confidence in the public authorities. “Decision-makers should realise that each day spent in ignorance will do additional harm to Hungary.”