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From mini-coups to open warfare

June 14th, 2011

Until recently, the Socialists were keen to keep their internal debates and conflicts in a more or less intellectual channel. But not any longer– writes Népszabadság, on the expanding political tensions within the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP).

They [the Socialists] held discussions, leaked documents, organized mini-coups in restaurants,” and reacted to criticism by stating that theirs is a truly democratic party. “But before the umpteenth party reform, it would be useful to state once and for all that this is just hot air, an excuse, further evidence of the basic weakness, lack of purpose and hesitation which undermined and continues to undermine the MSZP,” – notes Ervin Tamás one of the most prestigious commentators of the left-wing daily.

Socialist politicians, Népszabadság suggests, are missing the chance handed them by Fidesz, to present their own program as open, tolerant, solid, promoting modernisation, while being left-wing.

Instead “the debate has degenerated into the question: Gyurcsány or us?”. Tamás also suggests that the end of an era has been reached, during which Socialist politicians who commit one mistake after another, blame other politicians for committing one mistake after another.  “And that is why, for the time being, only Fidesz can do any harm to Fidesz”.

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