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Another blow to Gyurcsány

June 21st, 2011

The Socialist Party referendum will take place, despite expectations to the contrary,  but according to a left wing commentator, it will deal the former party chairman another blow rather than strengthening his challenge to the present leadership.

Mr Gyurcsány’s party platform has ignored a call by the Party Congress last Saturday to cancel his proposed referendum. Writing in Népszabadság, Tamás Lajos Szalay believes the referendum will be a failure, which was precisely what Mr Gyurcsány’s opponents wanted to achieve. Had the congress outlawed the referendum, Gyurcsány would now be a victim. But what the congress issued was merely a polite request. Mr Gyurcsány and his party platform, the Democratic Coalition rejected it, which was an impolite reply, but bowing to the Congress request would have amounted to surrender. Szalay believes that none of the questions put to the referendum will get the 8 thousand „yes” votes required by party statutes, so the result will be tantamount to another defeat for Mr Gyurcsány.

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