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Rival views on the EU

A left-wing and a conservative commentator offer diametrically opposing takes on the performance of the EU during the coronavirus epidemic.

Weeklies on the new national curriculum

The debate over the new national curriculum continues in the weeklies. Left-wing and liberal commentators pour scorn on the government and accuse it of brainwashing kids. Pro-government and conservative commentators, on the other hand, find the critics ideologically biased.

Debate about domestic violence

A left-wing author accuses the government of inaction against intra-family violence, while the Minister of Justice rebukes the charges.

Turkish-Hungarian summit in Budapest

Most news reports on the one-day visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan focus on the extensive road closures that paralysed the city centre for hours. The main pro-government daily argues that Hungary follows the national interest in her ties with Turkey, while an opposition daily disagrees.

Gyurcsány’s mojo among young voters

Two liberal commentators investigate why former Prime Minister Gyurcsány has a strong appeal among some young voters.

Left-wing and liberal repercussions of the Budapest gay pride march

An alt-left blogger calls on gay activists to distance themselves from what she calls neoliberal governments and corporations. A liberal commentator suggests that opponents of same sex marriage are struggling with their own sexual identities.

Shortage of Opposition voting observers

A left-wing commentator finds it sad that the combined opposition parties are sending less representatives to oversee the elections than in past years.

Conflicting social diagnoses four days before the EP elections

A left-wing author calls on Hungarians to vote against the government because by centralising decision-making it has done great harm to public services. A pro-government commentator thinks similar opposition charges are unfounded.

Notre Dame burns down

A pro-government commentator interprets the destruction of Notre Dame as an allegory for the decline of European Christianity. A left-wing columnist, on the other hand, thinks that Notre Dame was a symbol of a common European culture and identity.

Hungary threatens to block EU-Arab League deal

As Hungary blocks the proposed agreement between the EU and the Arab League, a pro-government columnist accuses the EU of trying to force the UN Migration Pact on Hungary.