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Endgame within Jobbik?

As the recently deposed chairman of Jobbik leaves his party and announces he is setting up a new one, a pro-government pundit rejoices at the sight of what he calls an increasingly unserious and fragmented opposition.

Sanctions on Russia and Europe’s future

Commentators across the political spectrum ponder the broader implications of EU sanctions on the future of Europe.

Weeklies on the opposition a full month after its electoral defeat

Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum suggest that the weaknesses which sealed the opposition’s fate during the elections have further deepened over the past weeks.

Fidesz wins two-thirds majority for the fourth time in a row

Both a pro-government and a liberal pundit predict that after Sunday’s landslide Fidesz victory, the opposition alliance will disintegrate.

More comments on the Ukraine war

Opposition-leaning commentators squarely condemn Russia, while pro-government ones agree to sanctions on Moscow but lambast the opposition candidate for Prime Minister who suggested Hungary should send weapons and soldiers to help Ukraine (although only if NATO asked her to).

Weeklies weigh up Márki-Zay

Pro-government pundits claim the opposition candidate for Prime Minister is absolutely unfit for the job. Left-wing commentators also remark on his clumsiness, but disagree whether this is a weakness or a strength.

Weeklies on the stakes in the April election

The two leading liberal weeklies urge the opposition to stand firm behind Péter Márki-Zay, despite his gaffes. A pro-government commentator fears that the national interest would be compromised if Fidesz loses. Another right-wing pundit speculates that foreign powers will intervene to help the opposition in the campaign.

Márki-Zay’s controversial words on Covid victims

A pro-government commentator lambasts opposition frontrunner Márki-Zay for saying that elderly Fidesz voters have been decimated by the pandemic. A left-wing columnist accuses the pro-government media of deliberately defaming Márki-Zay.

Left-wing analyst fears post-election violence

An opposition-leaning legal and political analyst warns that next year’s election may be followed by political violence. A pro-government commentator dismisses such warnings as mentally unbalanced.

Trouble in store for Hungarian relations with post-Merkel Germany?

Right-wing analysts fear that the new left-liberal German government will harshly criticize Hungary and try to encroach on national sovereignty. Left-wing commentators are less than certain that Germany will become more critical of Hungary than under Chancellor Merkel.