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Roma vote: new video raises questions

After a video surfaced showing Roma men exchanging money for votes in an apartment, centrist commentators question the credibility of the footage while left-liberal columnists lament the fact that the Hungarian Roma sell their votes because they see no other opportunity in politics.

Undecided voters in focus

Analysts struggle to account for the gap between opinion polls and the results of local by-elections. They all agree that undecided voters without clear preferences or who are unwilling to share their views with pollsters, will have a major role in the 2014 election and thus parties will spare no ...

Weeklies on left-wing infighting

Left-wing analysts fear fatal consequences for the left after the mutual recriminations during and after the joint opposition rally on October 23rd . Right-wing commentators say the reason is that the Left has nothing to say about the main problems of our age.

Opposition stages anti-Orbán performance

A conservative columnist accuses the left of radicalism, after Together 2014 leader Gordon Bajnai urged PM Orbán to step down and disappear from public life. Centrist pundits find Mr Bajnai's performance pathetic, while the leading left-wing daily regrets the lack of a meaningful dialogue between the right and the left.