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Battered Forint sinks 10 per cent this year

A left-wing commentator thinks the government has contributed to weakening the national currency, while a business analyst sees no hope for a stronger Forint in the foreseeable future.

Prospects of Hungarian economic recovery

A conservative economist welcomes efforts by the government and the National Bank to boost the economy. A left-wing commentator fears that Hungary may pay a high price for the new foreign currency loans taken by the government.

PM Orbán’s ’State of the Nation’ address

Discussing the Prime Minister’s annual speech to his followers, commentators wonder if his exhortation to work and fight harder will be sufficient to reinvigorate the increasingly sluggish Fidesz electorate, which, despite the defeat of a pro-government candidate in last week’s by-election, is still incomparably stronger than its competitors.

Unorthodox Hungarian policies suddenly applauded?

A leading pro-government journalist quotes international comments in praise of PM Orbán, for deciding to convert mortgages denominated in foreign currencies before the surge of the Swiss Franc. The move helped hundreds of thousands of households avert catastrophic losses.

Swiss Franc soars

In a comment on the shock caused by the decision of the Swiss National Bank to lift the currency cap which pegged the Swiss Franc to the Euro, commentators on both Left and Right praise the government’s earlier decision to convert FX mortgages into Forint loans.

FX loan settlement scheme announced

Commentators welcome the government’s decision to convert FX mortgages into Forint loans at market rates.

Government submits bill on FX loans

A right-wing columnist welcomes the government bill submitted to Parliament on Friday, which would force banks to return a total of 1000 billion Forints to mortgage holders, on the grounds that the money was unfairly collected. He suggests that once the process is completed, all FX loans should be converted ...

Foreign currency (FX) loans to be eliminated

As the government promises to convert FX loans into Forint credit by the end of the year, analysts wonder how the conversion could and should be carried out.

Kúria issues guidelines on FX loans

As the Kúria issues a ruling on foreign currency loans, columnists express skepticism on the government’s ability to save debtors.

Kúria rules in favor of forex debtors

Most commentators believe that the latest high court ruling is good news for forex debtors and harbigner of a broad guideline that will ease their burden.