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PM Orbán meets US President Trump

A pro-government columnist interprets PM Orbán’s Washington visit as a great diplomatic success for Hungary. A left-wing pundit thinks that the meeting had no real importance. A Marxist philosopher suspects that President Trump needs PM Orbán to weaken the EU.

NATO summit in Brussels

Two conservative columnists call on Europe to strengthen its geopolitical independence. A former US State Department advisor fears that President Trump will weaken NATO. 

US Chargé d’Affaires accused of interference

A conservative columnist accuses Andre Goodfriend of openly siding with the anti-Fidesz opposition and interfering in Hungarian internal affairs by attending a foreign policy conference organized by the Democratic Coalition.

MSZP-Together 2014 negotiations

On the eve of a new round of left wing opposition talks, a left-wing analyst argues that the two major competing leaders should find a quick compromise. A libertarian commentator describes Mesterházy and Bajnai as locked in a power-struggle, predicting that Bajnai"s best offer, to have joint candidates in individual ...

The State Department’s views on Hungary

A right wing columnist chastises the US State Department for pronouncing unfounded opinions about Hungary.

Macron’s presidency seen as an urban victory 

After Trump’s victory in the United States and the Brexit vote last year, a well-known Hungarian-American analyst interprets the outcome of the French presidential election as a cause for celebration for progressive forces.

Jeszenszky defended against racism charge

In the wake of the uproar over Géza Jeszenszky’s textbook, prominent Hungarians from the USA and some liberal commentators defend the Ambassador while a right-wing editorial claims he was attacked by enemies of the government for simply stating an obvious fact.

IMF-talks: decision hailed as pragmatic

Magyar Hírlap believes that following a series of warning signs, the cabinet's decision to initiate talks with the International Monetary Fund was a pragmatic one.

Workaday problems on national holiday

Commentaries marking Saint Stephen’s day turn invariably around some of the usual controversies which divide left and right: Hungary’s international image, internal ideological divisions and the economic policies advisable in today’s unfavourable world business climate.

Under friendly fire

Left wing commentators welcome the unequivocal warnings addressed to the Hungarian government by various Western sources, while right wing analysts deem accusations of anti-democratic tendencies directed at Hungarian leaders unfair.